November 2, 2012

HTI has installed its patented (pending) Spectra HEâ„¢ Ultra Drying system on a customer's pilot coater. The system, consisting of three dryer stations, was installed between the IR and Standard Impingement Sections. The photo (bottom right) shows the HTI dryer in place on the coater and the picture above it shows an enlarged picture of the HTI dryers. The goal of the installation was to transfer complete control of the drying from two typical and standard drying technologies (IR and Hot Air Impingement) to acoustic drying technology. The operation of the coater was started using existing drying systems then the drying function was completely transitioned to the Spectra HE Ultra System. The goal was accomplished at a line speed of 150 m/min and load of 10g/m2 dry weight, 40% solids. Coverage, percent solids and speed were as follows:


Operational Information
Speed 150 m/m (492 fpm)  300 m/m (984 fpm) 
Coverage (dry wt.) 10 gsm (6.14 lbs/ream)  5 gsm (3.07 lbs/ream)&nbsp 
% Solids 40%   40%  
The HTI system removed 15 grams of water in 2.72 ft. The following table provides additional data gathered during the installation of the system.
Technology Comparison
Existing Spectra Ultra Change
Energy Consumption 104 kW *  44 kW   58% Reduction** 
Dimensions 64.6 ft (19.7 m) 2.72 ft (.83 m) 23 times smaller
* Only energy for the IR system is reported. Energy for the impingement dryers is not included because this energy is steam generated and energy data for this process is not available. ** This calculation is based on available data.


Welcome to Heat Technologies, Inc.

At HTI, we are passionate about the business of heat and mass transfer since our inception in 1996. Our research and development has been focused on the various instabilities created by heat and high velocity mass flows.  We have perfected the technology for organizing these flows into one highly efficient oscillating stream and directing this stream onto materials for the benefit of commercial, industrial and residential processes. Whether the heat source is created by fossil fuels or electricity, the resulting air is applied to the process in a highly organized, oscillating or charged fashion. As a result we have developed products and been awarded 3 patents (and 1 pending) in advanced drying, heating, and pressure wave technologies for use in commercial applications. Under the trademark Spectra HE™ (High Efficiency). We have listed three product lines on the website. Additional products are under development.

Operating benefits of our technology are substantial and measurable. They are:

  • Increased throughput
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • High reliability
  • Smaller equipment footprint
  • Low maintenance
  • Emissions reduction

For specific details, please visit our products page.

To understand our technology let's define some terms:

  • Heat transfer - transition of thermal energy or simply heat from a hotter object to a cooler object
  • Mass transfer - process of transferring mass (water, water vapor, solvent, solvent vapor, etc.) from one media to another (from solids to air, from coated materials to air, etc.)
  • Oscillation - reversible organized pressure wave

We have been working for over 13 years to master the interaction of all of the above. We have found that heat and sound can be used to “charge the air” so that fluids, solvents or water which are bound to film, metal, paper, cardboard, etc. are released (dried), at a higher rate than using heat alone.  The results, we believe, are revolutionary, even amazing.  This technology Spectra HE™ (High Efficiency) Technology is the driving force behind our products.

Using the Spectra HE™ Technology we have developed a product that addresses the needs of a variety of applications.  The HTI Spectra HE™ Ultra Drying System is an electrically powered drying system for the printing and coating industry. In production this system significantly reduces energy consumption, increases press throughput at the same or lower production air temperature.   Spectra HE™ Ultra Drying System can be adapted to fit any manufacturer's or end user's converting, printing and narrow web flexographic equipment.

Another product line is used for the cleaning of production surfaces for boilers or pollution control equipment. In this application the Spectra HE™ Technology is used to direct heat and sound like a mini "sonic boom" to clean deposits formed on the heat transfer surfaces of boilers. This equipment operates using solid fuels. We call this - Spectra HE™ IDRS. This technology has been around for several years but was created and patented by HTI.

The Spectra HE™ Pulse Burner and Spectra HE™ Pulse Dryer are powered by fossil fuels.  Both systems offer accelerated heat transfer (direct and indirect), low NOx and CO emissions, advanced mixing and a compact heat exchanger.  In addition, we offer engineering services so that these techniques and technologies can be applied to various commercial, industrial and residential applications and processes.  We have worked with several major manufactures to improve their production processes and/or products.  If you have a manufacturing process or a product that involves heating, drying, incineration or other heat transfer processes we may be able to apply our technology to increase your bottom line either by reducing expenses or increasing performance and efficiency.

Adding HTI's Spectra HE™ Technology to your plant operations will improve the bottom line of your corporation either through reduced energy consumption, cost reductions or increased throughput. A further benefit will be reductions in green house gas emissions at a time when these issues are important to the world we live in.

Contact us if you have a question, would like a copy of our newsletter or to discuss a potential business application.

About Us


At HTI, our mission is to discover and develop technologies associated with heat and mass transfer.  We are passionate about delivering innovative, revolutionary thermal solutions for industry.

Our success is measured by the benefits realized and the patents awarded – 4. Our technology enables our products to increase drying by “charging the air” so that the available energy is more efficiently transferred to material to evaporate water, solvents, etc. Other solutions can improve mixing, reduce emissions, or create a high efficiency water heating devices.
The benefits of our technology include:

  • Increased throughput and associated product cost reduction
  • Reduction of  energy consumption
  • Optimized operation of the technological equipment
  • Reduction of carbon footprint
  • Reductions of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides emissions
  • Smaller footprint
  • Compact and low maintenance 

These technologies are available by purchasing our products or through consulting services with clients.  HTI is also actively developing other products that have broad application to business and consumer markets.



Heat Technologies, Inc (HTI) was formed in Atlanta, Georgia in 1996. 

Our Timeline

1996 - 1997
The company developed the Spectra High Efficiency Dryer Technology based on pulse combustion technology.  This technology has been used for a variety of applications, such as water heating, conveyer drying, etc. In April 2001, a US Patent was issued for this technology.

HTI developed the Impulse Deposit Removal System which removes deposits from a variety of industrial and utility boilers. In February 2003 a US Patent was issued for this technology.

HTI enhanced its drying system to run on electricity.  As a result and new Spectra HE™ Ultra Drying System was developed and being commercialized. HTI has applied for a patent on this technology. 

Currently HTI is involved in the development of new water boiler/water heating equipment for consumer and commercial applications.  The design is based on its patented technology.


Our technology is applicable to the following industries:

  • Converting Industry (OEMs and end Users)
  • Paper Industry
  • Military
  • Commercial and Industrial Boilers (HVAC)
  • Printing Industry (OEM)
  • Investment Banking
  • Textiles & Carpets Producers
  • Ceiling Tile Manufacturers
  • Chemical Process Industry OEMs



HTI’s Customers include:

  • Proctor & Gamble (confidential scope of work),
  • Department of Defense (confidential scope of work),
  • A O Smith Corporation (the name and exact nature of work is covered by a CDA)
  • Major OEMs of converting equipment (the names and exact nature of the work is covered by a CDA),
  • Baldwin Technology Co
  • Electric Power Research Institute
  • Multiple Investment Banking Institutions (Hedge Funds, Investment Banks, Mutual Funds, etc.)
  • MPS Systems bv, a Netherlands based OEM of narrow web, flexo, printing presses
  • Several major converters and flexible packaging materials companies (worldwide locations)
  • Kodak
  • Southern Company Services

Management Team

Gene Plavnik, President

Gene Plavnik, President

Gene Plavnik is a president at Heat Technologies, Inc. Mr. Plavnik has more than 25 years of experience in research, development and commercialization of various high efficient low emissions energy technologies for crosscut of industries: paper and film converting, printing, boilers and water heaters (HVAC), utilities, incineration, paper production, cement production, steelmaking, etc. Mr. Plavnik holds an MS in Heat and Mass Transfer Engineering.





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Tel. (770) 804-9309

Contact us if you have a question, would like a copy of our newsletter or to discuss a potential business application.